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Baby's Grasp

Parenthood is a team initiative.

Provide your employees on the path to parenthood with individualized support. Grow a culture that thrives through transition.

Pathways to Parenthood is a 1:1 coaching program that equips expectant employees with the expert support, strategies and personalized planning they need to transition through parental leave and return to work.

"We have partnered with Pathways to Parenthood for several years to support our employees from expecting a baby to return to work. Participants overwhelmingly feel valued by our company with this personalized support. And, while I was expecting my first child, Pathways to Parenthood was an amazing resource for me. My coach felt like a close friend who guided and supported me throughout the entire process and was essential in my successful return to work.”


Proud Mother

Welcome to Pathways to Parenthood.

A strategic, empathetic and personalized approach to supporting new parents in the workplace. 

By the end of this 1:1 coaching program, your employees will have the skills and strategies to successfully and productively navigate the challenging transition from expecting a baby through parental leave and their return to work. Most importantly, they’ll feel valued, supported, empowered, and eager to expand into their full potential at work.

Pathways to Parenthood helps

People Leaders, HR Teams, Wellness Leaders and Diversity & Inclusion Professionals to:

Implement a sustainable solution that allows your organization to nurture the culture, increase employee retention, and create a lasting impact on employee experience.

Demonstrate to employees that the company is invested in their success and their long-term career goals within the organization.

Provide employees with personalized and expert counsel at each phase of the parental transition — including preparing for leave, return-to-work planning, and implementing new systems for optimal work-life integration.

Meet the increasing DE&I expectations of your employees, management, and the workforce, solidifying your reputation as a forward-thinking company offering unparalleled resources and support to your employees.

Retain and invest in employees so that they can:

Confidently transition to parental leave because they have an action plan covering their deliverables and responsibilities before leaving.

Remain engaged and efficient at work because they have expert guidance on navigating and balancing parenthood in a professional environment.

Feel valued and respected as an employee because the company invests in personal and professional development.

Expand into their full potential in life and work and continue on their career path within the organization with momentum.

Feel confident that they can talk through the emotional and physical tolls of new parenthood in a safe space without fear of judgment or unintended bias.

Make the transition back to work as smooth as possible because they’ve prepared, planned for and understand their new reality as a working parent.

“I loved the relationship I built with my coach. She was caring, empathetic, and genuine. I knew she could relate to my situation since she is a Mom herself, and she helped alleviate a lot of the anxiety I had with pre and post motherhood by listening to me, and helping to talk through positive solutions and action plans together. This is a great program, and I am happy we are able to offer this to our employees!”


Pathways to Parenthood Program Details:


The program begins when an expectant employee sets up a kick-off call with their coach. The engagement ends at least 6 months after they return to work, based on the employer benefit package.


The program begins when an expectant employee sets up a kick-off call with their coach. The coaching engagement ends at least 6 months after they return to work, based on the employer benefit package.

Inclusions for Participants:

  • Dedicated professional coach from beginning to end, so participants have a consistent and well-versed expert for the duration of the engagement.

  • A kick-off meeting between participant and coach to address questions, establish goals and create an action plan for the months ahead.

  • Up to five (5) 1:1 virtual coaching sessions (additional sessions available upon request), so employees may engage in impactful conversations.

  • Follow-up emails after each session, recapping key highlights of the session and any action items to be completed.

  • Unlimited email access to the coach for all questions and concerns that may arise.

  • Timely digital resources shared with employees throughout the program (Note: all curated/created by Pathways to Parenthood.)

** All correspondence between the coach and the participant is confidential.

Inclusions for Employers:

  • Turnkey program administration in accordance with organizational and employee needs.

  • Customized promotional materials to share with employees: announcements, flyers, employee web page, timeline, etc.

  • Dedicated employer scheduling site for employees to easily book calls on their schedule with Pathways to Parenthood coaches.

  • Collaboration on program performance measurement and employee survey design.

  • Comprehensive quarterly reporting and feedback on the results of the program implementation.

Progra details

"I really found the follow-up / post-call emails super helpful and encouraging. I have one I'm going to save that reminded me that I have it together and to not doubt myself. Also, working on my out-of-office tasks and talking through all of the possible things I needed to complete helped with my task list and prepared my colleagues for my departure."


Office Portrait

Solidify your status as a forward-thinking company by doing what is necessary to attract and retain top talent in an increasingly competitive market.

Did you know:

McKinsey reports that working parents are more likely to have left their jobs during the past 2 years than their non-parent counterparts. HR leaders should consider creating special work practices to address their needs.


Forbes, Top Ten HR Trends For The 2022 Workplace, 2022

Companies that invest in employees and their families see 5.5 times more revenue growth thanks to greater innovation, higher talent retention, and increased productivity.


ⓒ2020 Great Place to Work Survey

From fertility coverage to return-to-work coaching and support finding child care, the Best Workplaces (Cisco, Deloitte, PWC, Bank of America, ComCast, Capital 1) are investing in benefits that provide continuous care and holistic support for parents at every stage of parenthood.


ⓒ2020 Great Place to Work Survey

Meet Pathways to Parenthood Founder and Coach

Hi, I’m
Sara Tans

Before founding Pathways to Parenthood, I spent 17 years in sales and marketing for globally-recognized brands, including Visa.


After leaving Visa in 2014, I became an ICF-certified professional coach and began supporting women on their career paths. Through my women’s leadership work, I observed the gap in support expectant parents and primary caregivers received at work.


In 2017, I developed Pathways to Parenthood, based on a request from a Fortune 500 company to design a coaching program to support their new parents.


During the process of creating this program, I saw the untapped possibility in helping parents (and their employers) by offering individualized support to meet them where they are vs. a one-size-fits all solution.


Pathways to Parenthood has now supported hundreds of new parents across a variety of industries, as well as partners, second-time parents, and people caring for family members.

About Sara

The difference in this program?

Pathways to Parenthood has been developed based on proven, innovative practices that prioritize personalized support in alignment with company values, employee responsibilities, and the demands of a primary caregiver. Plus, as a working mother of two amazing little boys, I have an intimate understanding of the distinct challenges and wonders of parenthood. If you’re interested in a turnkey solution that supports your employees through the significant transition to parenthood, I’d love to tell you more about Pathways to Parenthood.

Questions? Please email me:, and I will reply within 48 hours

Hear How Pathways to Parenthood Helped Employees:

Coaching like this can be a big part of ensuring women continue to succeed in the workforce

"My coach's guidance & insight to navigating career, pregnancy & parenting challenges was invaluable to me as a new mom. Every company should offer impartial services like Pathways To Parenthood to help ease this pivotal transition in most people's lives. Coaching like this can be a big part of ensuring women continue to succeed in the workforce in conjunction with new motherhood, not in spite of it."
Pregnant Woman and Partner
Commitment to DE&I

Our Commitment to Diversity, Equity

and Inclusion

We are an inclusive and diverse community open to all because we know that having a strong team at home helps employees show up and feel more confident at work.


Pathways to Parenthood is committed to providing a program that supports:

● Couples

● Non-birth partners

● Single parents

● Same sex parents

● People growing their families through alternative pathways

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