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Unlocking the long term potential of working parents by supporting them through times of transition.

Life transitions can be overwhelming.

Becoming a parent and juggling the dueling priorities of working parenthood can be challenging for employees to navigate. For companies, this can lead to:

  • Loss of talent

  • Loss of productivity

  • Increased turnover costs

  • A less diverse workforce

Supporting working parents and caregivers is good for business.

Providing the right support to employees as they work to integrate career and family priorities can drive results:

  • Increased revenue

  • Increased employee engagement scores

  • Being the employer of choice for top talent

  • More diverse and inclusive teams

We provide innovative solutions for forward-thinking companies.

Find the opportunity in transition by consistently offering gold standard, family-centric solutions to your employees through personalized coaching programs and consulting support designed to optimize your connection with your workforce.


The number of expecting mothers who say that they are excited to go back to work after giving birth 1

1 ("Modern Family Index 2016," Bright Horizons Family Solutions; Light, Paulette.)


The number of new mothers who end up leaving their careers 2

2 (“Why 43% of Women with Children Leave Their Jobs, and How to Get Them Back.” The Atlantic. April 19, 2013.)


The amount of an employee's salary that may be required to replace them when they leave after having children 3

3 (“Back to Work”, Maven Clinic, 2017)


The reduction in turnover when companies invest in coaching for parents.  4

4 (Ernst & Young’s maternity coaching improves retention of talented women, May 2013)


"This is such an incredible benefit. I can’t even count the ways my coach has helped me work through maternity leave and returning to work. It has helped keep my anxiety low and normalize how I am feeling particularly during a pandemic year. I feel so thankful to have Pathways to Parenthood as a resource. I rave to all my friends about how  amazing this benefit is."

—  New Parent Participant

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