Looking to provide support to your working parents during Covid-19?

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Make it easy for your new parents to stay engaged at work.

Life transitions can be overwhelming.

The transition to parenthood can be especially challenging for employees to navigate. For companies, this can lead to:

  • Loss of talent

  • Loss of productivity

  • Increased turnover costs

  • A less diverse workforce

Easing the parental transition is good for business.

Providing the right support to employees who are becoming parents can drive results:

  • Increased revenue

  • Increased employee engagement scores

  • Being the employer of choice for top talent

  • More diverse and inclusive teams

We provide innovative solutions for forward-thinking companies.

Find the opportunity in transition by consistently offering gold standard, family-centric solutions to your employees through:


The number of expecting mothers who say that they are excited to go back to work after giving birth 1

1 ("Modern Family Index 2016," Bright Horizons Family Solutions; Light, Paulette.


The number of new mothers who end up leaving their careers 2

2 “Why 43% of Women with Children Leave Their Jobs, and How to Get Them Back.” The Atlantic. April 19, 2013.)


The amount of an employee's salary that may be required to replace them when they leave after having children 3

3 (“Back to Work”, Maven Clinic, 2017)


The reduction in turnover when companies invest in coaching for parents.  4

4 (Ernst & Young’s maternity coaching improves retention of talented women, May 2013)


I started working with Sara about 4 months into returning from my second maternity leave. I was really struggling with productivity and organization and felt overwhelmed in my career. When I say that the coaching has been a game changer, I don't know if that's giving it enough credit. Over the course of our four sessions, we worked together to identify the root cause of some of the stress and chaos (other than two kids under 3!) and come up with practical strategies. Sara's experience in working with women, particularly working moms, allowed her to share some insights that I might not have received otherwise. I have so enjoyed these sessions and can see the results through a more organized week and day and an increase in my overall career confidence. I would highly recommend - even if you think you have got it all together!” 

—  Catie

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