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We believe parenthood is an opportunity for companies
Pathways to Parenthood will help you to retain and grow your talent by investing in them during critical life transitions.

Meeting the needs of the modern workplace.

Careers and parenthood are not one size fits all. Our coaching meets clients exactly where they are with their unique circumstances and stage of parenthood.

We believe in supporting parents and caregivers of all kinds - not just moms. Having a strong team at home helps them show up at work too.

Our proactive approach focuses on solutions and forward action for both companies and coaching participants. We solve problems vs. add to the noise.

Through our qualified network of coaches, we've helped hundreds of parents and caregivers, and have used those insights to create proprietary resources with maximum impact for our program participants.

As the workplace evolves, Pathways to Parenthood wants to be your trusted partner and help you attract the best people, foster a diverse workforce and keep them engaged through life's transitions.

Our Origin Story 

Our founder, Sara Tans, identified a gap in the support that working mothers were receiving in their transition to parenthood. 

She saw an opportunity for companies to help bridge this gap in innovative ways that offered targeted, personalized support.   

Back in 2017, Pathways to Parenthood was officially born from a request from a company to design a coaching program for their new parents. 

Today, we support hundreds of new mothers, their partners, seasoned parents and people caring for family members of all ages.

We also provide customized support to the companies who employ them. 

Working from Home

Meet the Founder

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Sara Taylor Tans

Prior to founding Pathways to Parenthood, Sara spent 17 years in the corporate world as a global event marketer. She then became an ICF-certified professional coach and has now helped hundreds of professionals navigate life as working parents. She is passionate about making the workplace work better for everyone and is excited to continue to make an impact as Pathways to Parenthood grows. Sara became a parent herself in her early 40's and is raising 2 amazing little boys.

Our Coaching Team

Pathways to Parenthood has an existing network of qualified professional coaches who are passionate about supporting working parents. And we are looking to grow our team!


Interested in coaching working parents & caregivers? 

Please email for more info.

Want to know more about how your company can benefit from working with Pathways to Parenthood?

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