We believe parenthood is an opportunity for companies.

Pathways to Parenthood will help you to retain and grow your talent by investing in them during critical life transitions.
We know from experience that connecting to the needs of your working parents will strengthen their connection with you.

Pathways to Parenthood is committed to
optimizing the relationship between the
workplace and parenthood.

Our experience in the corporate world means we understand that changing policies and culture can be a challenge. At Pathways to Parenthood, we are your partner in making supporting parents simple and impactful.

We believe that every parent could benefit from having a coach. Our parental transition coaching program is unique in its scope of targeted support from expecting a baby through return to work and beyond. 


Through our qualified network of coaches, we've helped hundreds of new parents and have used those insights to identify best practices, which companies like you may use to improve your employee experience.

As the workplace evolves, Pathways to Parenthood wants to be your trusted partner and help you attract the best people, foster a diverse workforce and keep them engaged through life's transitions.


Meet the Founders


Sara Taylor Tans founded Pathways to Parenthood in 2017 as a way to help new parents thrive through transition and it continues to grow and evolve right along with the modern workplace. Sara is an ICF-certified coach and has helped hundreds of professionals navigate life as working parents since she became a professional coach in 2015. Prior to that, Sara spent 17 years in the corporate world, including a decade as an event marketer, where she worked with global brands, such as Visa, on programs at mega events like the Olympics and FIFA World Cup. 


Sara currently resides in Alpharetta, GA with her husband, Max, who is a technology consultant and Commander in the US Navy, her son Oliver (4) and baby, Chester (1). 


Tiffany Walker is a strategist and community builder for working moms. Tiffany is also the producer-host of the Apple top-rated She Reaches Podcast for working moms where she shares stories and realistic strategies for reaching for more in their career, personal life, and relationships. Since 2014, she's helped hundreds of women to thrive professionally and personally. Tiffany previously spent over 12 years as a successful sales executive and award winning team leader working with top media and broadcast companies such as ABC, Viacom, and Hulu on their digital strategy.


She is a wife and a mom to two daughters (9 & 7 years) and currently resides in Charleston, SC. 



Parental Transition Coaches

Pathways to Parenthood has a network of qualified parental transition coaches who are trained and committed to supporting working parents.


Interested in joining our network?

Email info@pathways2parenthood.com for more info.

Want to know more about how your company can benefit from working with Pathways to Parenthood?