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Working Parent Coaching

Strategy Sessions for Work & Life 

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Support Your Working Parents in Finding Solutions For Today

Parents have been navigating unprecedented challenges associated with the Covid-19 virus. Whether it is working from home without childcare, making tough decisions about schooling or making daily risk assessments to support their family's physical and mental health, many parents are feeling overwhelmed and experiencing decision fatigue.

The Working Parent Coaching Program offers a supportive space for parents to identify proactive solutions for an ever-changing environment. Our professional coaches will help your working parents create and implement positive strategies for navigating work and home in the current environment, allowing them to optimize their productivity at work and support their overall wellbeing.


Employees in the workforce who have minor children.

Brookings Institute Report, 

"Working Parents are Key to Covid-19 Recovery."


U.S. parents who have had to quit their jobs or reduce working hours since Covid-19 hit due to lack of child care.

Northeastern University Study. June 2020.


Parents who are both working remotely and will also be responsible for child care and education. 

"Corona Virus Schools Briefing",

NY Times, August 2020.


Parents who do not feel supported by their employer as they navigate child care challenges.

Maven Clinic Survey, August 2020

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Help your working parents help you:
  • Improve employee well-being


  • Address unique challenges for each individual


  • Optimize workforce productivity levels


  • Reduce loss of talent 


  • Ensure maximum workforce gender diversity


  • Increase employee engagement and loyalty


  • Share a positive story about how your company is taking care of its people during this time

Participants will:
  • Create solution-based strategies to successfully navigate work and parenthood during uncertain times


  • Identify positive ways to manage overwhelm


  • Work through challenging pandemic-based decisions 


  • Have guided conversations with their partner regarding present-day family choices, routines and logistics


  • Develop support teams at home, at work, and in their communities


  • Define boundaries and expectations with family and colleagues


  • Receive personalized support through a confidential forum with their dedicated coach

How it Works

Your company commits to a number of coaching sessions


P2P provides a digital flyer with a dedicated scheduling link for your employees


Employees schedule coaching sessions directly with P2P


Coaches work directly with employees


P2P provides participation reports to your company


You may add more coaching sessions at any time

Each participant receives:

Pre-session email with questionnaire


30-minute coaching session


Personalized follow-up email from coach

Would you like to provide personalized coaching support to your working parents? 

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