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Parental Transition Coaching

Strategic support for new parents at work and beyond.

Many expecting and new parents in the workplace struggle as they combine professional responsibilities with new commitments at home. For companies, this can mean strained teams, a loss of talent, and, ultimately, a decrease in gender diversity.

Pathways to Parenthood's Parental Transition Coaching program delivers expert, high-quality support for new parents, so they can thrive during this transition. It offers a strategic, proactive approach to preparing for pregnancy, maternity leave, and returning to work. The result is employees who are happier, more engaged, and more productive—a win for them, and for you.​

Why Pathways to Parenthood:​​

• Improve employee well-being and satisfaction

• Reduce loss of talent

• Decrease recruiting, training, and onboarding costs

• Differentiate yourself to top candidates in the recruiting process

• Optimize performance levels through the transition to parenthood

• Ensure maximum workforce gender diversity

• Differentiate yourself as a leader in supporting working parents

Participants will:

• Learn values-based strategies to successfully navigate pregnancy, maternity     leave, and returning to work

• Identify milestones, set goals, and discover gaps in support

• Have guided conversations with their partner regarding family foundations and     equitable roles & responsibilities

• Develop support teams at home, at work, and in their communities

• Define boundaries and expectations with family and colleagues

• Receive customized support through a confidential forum

• Access timely, exclusive resources such as our Maternity Leave Planning   Checklist, Childcare Guide, and Return to Work Planning Guide

About the Program


From expecting baby through 6 months after return to work


• Dedicated parental transition coach

• A 30-minute kick-off call

• A series of 1:1 virtual coaching calls 

• Unlimited email access to coach

• Curated, weekly resources delivered to participant's inbox

We can also design a package for your organization based on your budget and specific requirements. 


Contact us for pricing options and to discuss your personalized Parental Transition Coaching program.

Ask us about our coaching programs for Partners and for Managers! 

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Every pregnant woman should receive this amazing benefit. There are no words to describe how helpful this program was for me. I am so grateful my company offered this. It helped ease the stress and anxiety that comes when preparing for maternity leave and returning to work. Pathways to Parenthood was a lifeline for me when I felt like my world was crashing and trying to juggle the new normal.” 

—  New Mom & Participant

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