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Glen Raven is supporting you on your parenthood journey

Pregnant Woman and Partner

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Or Call: (404) 855-1023

We welcome you here.

Whether you are:

A Glen Raven employee.


A partner to a Glen Raven employee.


Giving birth or a partner to someone who is.

Welcoming a baby through pregnancy, surrogacy, adoption or another path.

Whether this is your first child or your second, third or beyond.

Supporting a parent in some way.


We are here to support you.

Glen Raven is providing you with the free opportunity to work with a professional coach as you navigate parenthood.

Choose between one of the following 2 options:


Pathways to Parenthood Coaching Program

Whether you are expecting your first baby or beyond, growing your family is a big transition. This program will provide you with a dedicated coach to support you from expecting a baby through adjusting to having your baby at home. Your coach can help you navigate things like:

- Sharing your news that you're expecting with your manager

- Planning for baby's arrival

- Guided discussions with your partner about parenthood expectations

- Dealing with overwhelm

- Determining your plan for childcare

- Preparing your leave and return-to-work strategy

- What to expect in the first weeks with the baby

- Division of roles and responsibilities at home

- Designing new routines and schedules as a working parent

- Life and work integration

- Career conversations

- And anything else that is on your mind!

What's Included:
  • A dedicated coach to support you throughout your parental transition

  • A kick-off call with your coach to learn more about the program

  • Up to 5 virtual coaching sessions with your coach

  • Follow up emails from your coach after each session with highlights and action items

  • Helpful resources sent to your inbox for each stage of welcoming a new baby

  • Email access to your coach throughout the program

Working from Home


Parenthood Support Session

If you'd simply like to meet with a coach one time to chat through a specific topic or challenge, you may set up a Parenthood Support Session. Your coach will guide you through a 30-minute coaching session, where you may discuss anything that is on your mind. 

What's Included:
  • A virtual coaching session with a professional coach

  • A follow-up email from your coach with highlights and action items from your meeting

  • Expert resources to support your conversation, as applicable

Working from Home
  • Do I need to pay for this?
    You don't! Glen Raven is covering the costs of your coaching, whether you choose the Pathways to Parenthood Coaching Program or a Parenthood Support Session.
  • Do I have to sign up online?
    You don't! You may, of course, use the online scheduling site by clicking on the red buttons above. But, if you prefer, simply call (404) 855-1023 and we will help you schedule your coaching session.
  • Where do I meet with my coach?
    When you set up your session, we will ask you if you prefer to meet by video meeting or by phone. You will receive a Zoom meeting link in your confirmation email. And, if you prefer to meet by phone, your coach will call you at the number you provide when you set up your session.
  • What if I need to change or cancel my coaching session?
    If you need to make any changes to your scheduled session, you may simply click the link to "Change/Cancel Appointment" in your confirmation email. You may also call (404) 855-1023 to make changes to your appointment.
  • What if I have a Parenthood Support Session and then decide I'd like to participate in the Pathways to Parenthood Coaching Program?
    If you decide to start out with a support session and then realize you'd like to participate in the full Pathways to Parenthood Coaching Program- no problem! Just let us know and we will add you to the coaching program, where you will be able to use 5 sessions, less any support sessions you completed. To request this change, simply email us at or call (404) 855-1023.
  • I've never worked with a coach. What is it like?
    Working with a coach provides you with a space to pause and really think about something. (This is something many of us struggle to do throughout our busy days!) Your coach will listen deeply and ask powerful questions. They can help you organize your thoughts, come up with a plan or find a solution to a particular challenge. Your coach can also help you to stay accountable to your goals and commitments. Together, you and your coach will set an intention for the session, talk through what's on your mind and come up with some next steps. A coach is a great person to have on your team- especially as you navigate parenthood!
  • May I bring my partner to my coaching session?
    Yes! It can be incredibly helpful for you and your partner to speak with a coach together and chat through your thoughts, plans and challenges as you prepare to grow your family and experience parenthood as partners. Please feel free to bring your partner to any of your coaching sessions.
  • May I give one of my coaching sessions to my partner?
    Yes! We would love to support your partner too. Please feel free to share any of your coaching sessions with them.
  • Will my coaching session(s) be confidential?
    Yes! Your coach will not share what you tell them with anyone.

What participants are saying:

"I loved this program! Thank you to Glen Raven for offering Pathways to Parenthood as a resource during the wild time of becoming a parent, and then the transition to becoming a working parent. My coach's support made such a positive difference in my life!"

Glen Raven Participant

"My coach was great in helping re-affirm what I (and we) were feeling as we prepared for baby to come and once he had arrived. She helped us find perspective to what we were thinking and feeling, and provided us with the tools to navigate parenthood."

Glen Raven Participant


Please reach out to us any time!

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