Pathways to Parenthood

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    Parental Transition Consulting

    Design a strategic plan to support your employees through parental transitions and beyond.

    You are influencing the future of the workplace.

    Instead of struggling to keep up, you are setting the standard for others to follow. 

    Supporting new parents means supporting:


    Gender Diverse Leadership

    Family Wellbeing

    Work and Life Harmony

    At Pathways to Parenthood, we understand you're committed to providing the best overall employee experience - with finite resources. 


    – We are here –

    to help you find the right path forward. 

    Maximizing impact beyond paid leave.

    At Pathways to Parenthood, we use our expertise and insights from working with hundreds of new parents to:

    • Illuminate blind spots in your existing support of the parental transition

    • Create a 360 view of the new parent experience and touch points within your organization

    • Develop forward-thinking strategies that focus on best and next practices to engage parents in your organization


    Evaluate & improve the new parent journey and company touch points during on-ramp and beyond



    Unbiased 3rd party insights from key employee stakeholders


    Facilitate smooth employee conversations on transition & career planning


    Engage employees with topics tailored to help them understand & support employee needs during the parental transition


    Key topics on supporting parents in the workplace for your conference or women's group

    Want more information? Let's connect!